Tuesday, May 10, 2011

RIFT 1.2 Released today!

RIFT 1.2 - The Spoils of War

  • SLIVERS: The Planar Goods merchants in Meridian and Sanctum now sell any Ascended the power to view slivers – Omen Sight for Guardians and Quantum Sight for Defiant. These new abilities allow you to discover entrances to alternate time streams, including the way to the Gilded Sanctum, a raid instance intended for 10 players.
  • You may now purchase a 5th role at your Calling trainer!
  • New Looking for Group tool helps you band together with other Ascended.
  • CRAFTING RIFTS: Lures for Crafting Rifts are obtained by completing the new weekly crafting quests. These rifts drop raw materials, augments, and other goodies for crafters. Reaching the final stages gives a chance of obtaining an additional plaque!
  • Across-the-board improvements for PvP rewards and dailies.
  • Many bosses (especially in Expert Dungeons) have had a pass done to bring them in line with their intended difficulty and to make them more fun for melee-damage characters.
  • Many improvements to Auction House UI.
  • Use Appearance Slots to set up outfits that display regardless of what you wear for stats.
  • Facebook integration lets you post updates and screenshots from Telara to your wall.


  1. Nice. I'll start playing RIFT on summer holidays. Can't wait :)

  2. That Facebook integration thing seems cool, but a tad desperate. I mean, if they're having to tap into social networking, whats that really say for the game?

  3. Sounds really cool.. I'll have to take a look after I finish my exams and have more free time :)

  4. I played RIFT beta, didn't really like it.

  5. Yeah I played the beta as well, got kinda bored. Doing the 7 day trial, maybe I'll make a post on it.

  6. I know a few friends who were gonna try out Rift, so I might give it a shot.